Prepare for Summer Activities Using Functional Training

Prepare for Summer Activities Using Functional Training

Many of us look forward to the summer months not just for the cookouts and the fact that kids are out of school, but also because it’s an opportunity to break out of those winter doldrums and become more active.  Biking, running, swimming and outdoor sports are popular activities during the warmer months, but many people find that they’ve gotten so out of shape over the winter that they can no longer enjoy these activities as much as they’d like.  Fortunately, if you begin a functional training program now, you can quickly increase endurance, flexibility and strength so you can better enjoy all of those warm-weather activities.  What is functional training?  It’s training that helps provide you with the basics you need for everyday activities such as strength, stability, endurance and flexibility. We’ve got a great way to incorporate this type of training into your routine that does not require a heavy investment in equipment or a gym membership.  It’s called TRX and it challenges the entire body in every plane of motion with versatile, scalable tools that anyone, anywhere can use to perform exercises that improve movement.

 Here are some ways TRX can take your training to the next level and prepare you for summer:

 Focus on the Core

 The core, which consists of all the muscles surrounding your abdomen, is the most important part of your body to train because it not only supports your spine and protects your internal organs, but it is also the center of your body’s strength and flexibility. A strong core is the basis of a strong body and should be one of your main areas of focus. 

 Any movement performed on a TRX Suspension Trainer requires that you brace and stabilize with your abs, obliques and lower back so you can leverage your own body weight as resistance. The TRX exercises in these videos use functional movements to help you increase your core fitness. Remember, the moment the exercise becomes too difficult to maintain core stability, regress it or move on.

 TRX and the Dad Bod

 Want to turn that Dad Bod into a Rad Bod by trimming down excess baggage and developing some muscles of steel?  TRX can help you achieve these goals by utilizing short and effective workouts that develop upper body strength and definition by targeting the back, arms, chest and waist.  The best part is, these exercises can be performed in the basement while the kids play upstairs! 


 No Time?  No Problem. 

 You don’t need to spend hours in the gym to take your functional training the next level.  With TRX, you can get great results out of short and sweet workouts that can be done anywhere.  The trick to short workouts is getting your heart rate up quickly while training your muscles at the same time—a combination that TRX is built to achieve.  Try some of these workouts to turn your body into a fat-burning machine in no time.


 Life can be unpredictable and unstable.  The key to staying in shape and being prepared for whatever life throws at you is having a flexible routine that focuses on functional conditioning and can be done anywhere, any time.  You don’t live in a vacuum, so why train in one?  If you’re interested in seeing how TRX can help you achieve your flexible, functional training goals, stop in to Body Basics to view the system or demo it to see if it’s right for you.