Keeping Your Fitness Equipment Working Like New

Your fitness equipment may be running great but some machines can always use a good tune up to keep it that way. 

Lubrication is a must

Did you know your treadmill requires regular lubrication?Most treadmills call for a custom blend of lubrication that reduces the friction caused between a user on the machine and the belt and deck.  The less friction created the less heat that builds up and heat friction wear out components faster.


Time for a Service Appointment?

Sometimes it is unclear whether it is time for a service appointment.  Here are three signs: 

  • Your machine is louder than when you purchased it 
  • Your treadmill belt seems like it is sticking or slowing down as you step (this is a very common issue with machines that haven't had maintenance) 
  • You hear clicking, grinding or scratching  
  • Your equipment is more than 3 years old and it has never been cleaned and adjusted  

Is it under Warranty?

If your home machine is under 5 years and you bought it from us at Body Basics chances are good that many of its components may still be under warranty. 

Just like you are taking care of yourself you need to take care of your equipment.  Regular maintinence and service will extend the life of your equipment. 

Not sure if you need service?  Give us a call at  402-397-8866 or click here to request service