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BioRower S1 Pro

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  • scull - sweep - imbalance

    You now have the choice to set your S1pro stable or instable.

    The brand new Biorower S1pro is capable of sculling and sweep rowing.Upon delivery, you’ll receive scull oar handles as well as a sweep oar handle – all with boat native lengths. Change the oar handles and select “scull” or “sweep left or right” in the App to go from sculling to sweep rowing. This function requires more than twice the durabilty of all components and makes the S1pro a heavy duty indoor rowing device.

    The S1pro comes with a unique and heavily sought after feature: a mechanism to train you core stability for the boat. Coping with imbalanced boats is one of the greatest challenge for rowers. With the S1pro, you can work on this all winter long – and all summer.

    Live data read out with 1% accuarcy tolerance. 

    Live force curves, 

    Live stroke lengths

    Live rowing technique data

    Get faster in the boat – off the water