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Echelon Fitness

Echelon EX-8s Connect Bike

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The future of connected fitness just got brighter! The Echelon EX-8s Connect Bike features an industry-first curved HD touchscreen that allows you to simulate the feeling of a studio cycling class or embark on worldwide adventures through a variety of scenic rides. Dive into supplemental cross-training workouts off the bike by flipping the screen 180 degrees. The dual-ring design includes 15 LED colors that change to indicate various workout metrics. Discover a first-of-its-kind connected bike designed to motivate and impress.



    24" Curved HD Touchscreen

    Patent-pending 24-inch HD touchscreen features an industry first curved design that heightens the interactive element of Echelon classes and keeps you engaged through every workout.

    Bluetooth Resistant Controller 

    Make quick resistance adjustments from the Bluetooth Resistant Controller located within easy reach on the handlebars. Sync with the screen to display resistant stats as you workout. 

    e-Drive Magnetic Resistance (32 Levels) 

    Increase or decrease the power of your workout without missing a beat. The motorized magnetic e-Drive system transitions smoothly and quietly between 32 levels of resistance. 

    e-Shock Low-Impact Support 

    Help to avoid unnecessary knee and joint strain while riding out of the saddle with out e-Shock Systems that flexes the support of the frame with your movement.

    LED Lights Synced to Workout Metrics 

    The integrated LED flywheel lights rotate through 15 variations that sync with Echelon workout metrics, like heart rate zone and output, to keep you motivated. You can also choose from a variety of light settings to match your mood - from an energizing pulse sequence to a calming glow.

    Modern, Balanced Dual-Ring Design 

    The dual-ring with rear flywheel provides a stable, smooth ride while appealing to the modern aesthetic. The sleek design elevates any at-home fitness space while powering your workout. 

    180 Degree Screen Flip for Cross-Training 

    The curved touchscreen features a 180-degree flip rotation for access to daily live classes and thousands of on-demand cross-training workouts like Cardio, Arms+Abs, Kickboxing, Strength Training, Yoga, Pilates, and more.  

    Dual Bottle Holders 

    Stay hydrated with two large water bottle holders within easy reach, just below the handlebars. 

    Immersive Dual-Facing Speakers 

    Dual user-facing speakers produce twice the sound of prior models and create exceptional audio experience unlike any other bike on the market. 

    SPD Compatible Pedals 

    Dual-sided pedals feature cycling cleat clips on one side and adjustable toe cages on the other. 


    • 59"L x 23"W x 65"H inches 


    • 124lb (56kg) 


    • 9/16 Shaft 
    • 20 TPI (threads per inch)