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First Degree Fitness

First Degree Fitness E350 Fluid Rower

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The FDF Evolution E350 FluidRower is a high-quality compact commercial grade rowing ergometer with an instant natural catch and a smooth, consistent feel through the whole stroke. The E350 resistance is provided by the unique semi isokinetic properties of our patented Twin Tank Adjustable Fluid Resistance system. The E350 will cater for the explosive power of any HIIT workout all day every day and yet remains silky smooth at any combination of stroke rate and resistance making it suitable for long cardio sessions, warm ups, cool downs and rehabilitation .The E350 FluidRower has a unique, robust design with the adjustable Fluid Resistance angled Twin Tank, a convenient height rowing seat and a comparatively short frame length. The attractive narrow design provides practical benefits for easy access, minimal floor space requirements and compact vertical storage option making it ideal for group classes. Every fitness facility needs at least one rowing machine, and the unique versatility of the E350 FluidRower makes it an obvious choice.

  • Key Features:


    • 10 Level Patented Variable Fluid Resistance (VFR), to suit ANY fitness level.
    • Direct Drive System (Patent Pending) Monitor.
    • Interactive Performance Monitor (IPM) with USB port.
    • The IPM displays: time; speed; distance; stoke rate; calories per hour; watts; 16 level adjustment, pacer.
    • The IPM gives you quick start, manual programs, interval training, USB port allows interactive programming.
    • Fitted with Heart Rate receiver as standard & compatible with all main HR belts.


    • Height Adjustable footplates with Advance Heel Cradle footboard design (Reg, Design) and straps to ensure optimal foot placement and comfortable rowing position.
    • Rigid frame construction for maximum stability.
    • Rubber feet for adhesion to floor surfaces and to prevent damage.


    • Seat at “office chair” height for ease of entry and exit.
    • Optional Back Support Handle – Dyneema® cable- no noisy chains, no lubrication.
    • Deluxe Ergonomic handle allows comfortable grip and minimized strain on forearms wrists and hands.


    • Extended transport wheels for ease of movement.
    • Air Glide low friction seat rollers, concealed for cleaner, safer, and smoother ride.
    • Tough hardened dual anodized aluminum seat rails.
  • Specifications:

    Stands on end for compact storage

    Maximum user weight: 150kg (330lbs)

    Box 1:

    1090 x 580 x 420mm (42.91 x 22.83 x 16.53″)

    Nett Weight 50.0kg (110.2lb)

    Gross Weight 60.0kg (132.3lb)

    Cubic Metres 0.2656 (9.38 cubic feet)

    Box 2:

    1290 x 125 x 95mm (50.78x 4.92 x 3.74″)

    Nett Weight 4.8kg (10.6lb)

    Gross Weight 5.1kg (11.2lb)

    Cubic Metres 0.0152(0.54 cubic feet)