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Health Mate

Health Mate Saunas Enrich 2 Infrared Sauna

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  • This Enrich 2 Person Sauna model is crafted for dual users to experience full-spectrum infrared heat. Our most sought-after design, it features our exclusive dual-wave Technology™ alongside a 96-diode LED panel. Equipped with glass doors, interior towel bar, ergonomic bench, inside/outside controls and two floor heaters, its extra luxury and easy setup with no tools required make it a popular option.

    Superior Quality. Every Health Mate sauna is built to last, with solid eucalyptus wood for superior heat retention, advanced tech, and heaters of the highest quality. Our 5-stage quality control process gives you a superior product. Health Mate has 40+ years of manufacturing experience, leading the industry in infrared sauna innovation.

    Unrivaled Value. The Enrich 2 is our most popular model, boasting looks, functionality and details. It seats 3 and offers the perfect blend of luxury and endurance.

    Full-Spectrum Coverage. Health Mate's patented infrared heaters offer 360-degree, high-watt coverage that surpasses other saunas. Our Enrich model maximizes health and relaxation with near, mid, and far-infrared wavelengths.

    Advanced Chromotherapy. Your Enrich 2 comes with a 96-diode LED panel featuring chromotherapy lighting. 9 colors, including Red Light therapy, offer customizable sauna experiences.

    Ultra Low EMF. This Enrich 2 sauna is specially designed with low-EMF technology to enable users to experience the maximum infrared benefits while keeping safety levels to a maximum. This low-EMF feature isn't limited to just the 10 heaters, but is also implemented in the controllers and electrical components. The third-party Tecoloy EMF report from Health Mate confirms the validity of our safety regulations and provides clear visibility of our advanced technology.