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Health Mate

Health Mate Saunas Enrich 3 Infrared Sauna

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  • The Enrich III Infrared Sauna has raised the bar. It is an upgrade from the popular Enrich 2 model, and is designed to comfortably fit three people. It is equipped with all the full-spectrum infrared technologies, such as Tecoloy™ mid- and far-infrared heater technology, a 96-diode near-infrared color light LED panel, an ergonomic bench, an interior towel bar, exterior lighting, and more. This award-winning model has no tools required for assembly and offers a perfect luxury sauna experience in your home or clinic.

    Superior Quality. Every Health Mate sauna is built to last, with solid eucalyptus wood for superior heat retention, advanced tech, and heaters of the highest quality. Our 5-stage quality control process gives you a superior product. Health Mate has 40+ years of manufacturing experience, leading the industry in infrared sauna innovation.

    Unrivaled Value. The Enrich 3 is our most popular model, boasting looks, functionality and details. It seats 3 and offers the perfect blend of luxury and endurance.

    Full-Spectrum Coverage. Health Mate's patented infrared heaters offer 360-degree, high-watt coverage that surpasses other saunas. Our Enrich model maximizes health and relaxation with near, mid, and far infrared wavelengths.

    Advanced Chromotherapy. Your Enrich 3 comes with a 96-diode LED panel featuring chromotherapy lighting. 9 colors, including Red Light therapy, offer customizable sauna experiences.

    Ultra Low EMF. This Enrich 3 sauna is specially designed with low-EMF technology to enable users to experience the maximum infrared benefits while keeping safety levels to a maximum. Low-EMF feature isn't limited to just the 10 heaters, but is also implemented in the controllers and electrical components. The third-party Tecoloy EMF report from Health Mate confirms the validity of our safety regulations and provides clear visibility of our advanced technology.