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Health Mate

Health Mate Saunas Inspire 3 Infrared Sauna

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  • Health Mate’s Inspire 3 offers an unrivaled infrared home sauna experience with its state-of-the-art technology and enhanced luxury elements. It boasts Tecoloy Max dual-range heaters, a 96-diode LED near-infrared panel, and app-based control panel, allowing you to set your sauna start time, temperature, and lighting from anywhere. It includes an impressive array of features, such as a 7-color Chromatherapy with brightness control, a Bluetooth audio system, ergonomic backrest, magazine rack, easy-mount aromatherapy cup, and exterior lighting. Roomier than its Inspire 2 predecessor, this model offers superior performance with 12 total heaters, Red Light therapy, plus a glass entry/exit door with chrome hardware. Unlock a higher level of wellness with the Inspire 3.

    Superior Quality. Every Health Mate sauna is built to last, with solid eucalyptus wood for superior heat retention, advanced tech, and heaters of the highest quality. Our 5-stage quality control process gives you a superior product. Health Mate has 40+ years of manufacturing experience, leading the industry in infrared sauna innovation.

    Smart Innovation. Built not just to last, but with enhanced performance and cutting-edge technology, this model combines the benefits of infrared with modern convenience. You control your sauna remotely from wherever you are using our proprietary Smartphone app.

    Full-Spectrum Coverage. Health Mate's patented infrared heaters offer 360-degree, high-watt coverage that surpasses other saunas. Our Inspire model maximizes health and relaxation with near, mid, and far-infrared wavelengths.

    Advanced Chromotherapy. Your Inspire 3 comes standard with chromotherapy lighting via a 96-diode near-infrared LED panel. Choose from 9 colors to customize your sauna experience, including Red Light therapy.

    Ultra Low EMF. All Health Mate saunas, including this Inspire 3 model, are equipped with low EMF technology, ensuring you get the greatest infrared benefits at the safest levels possible. Low EMF applies not just to its 8 heaters but also to the controllers and electrical components.