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Legend Pro Series Half cage
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Legend Pro Series Half cage

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The not-so-little brother to the Pro Series Power Cage, the Pro Series Half Cage doesn’t cut back on anything but floor space. Among the most popular of our products, the Legend Fitness Pro Series Half Cage features only 12 frame bolts but dozens of features and accessories. Monster Hooks with advanced polymer contact surfaces, 7 gauge chrome racking, and made-in-East-Tennessee quality is standard with every cage, as well as a multi-grip chin up bar, resistance band pegs, Olympic bar storage, and 3″ x 2″ adjustable bar catches.

    • Open design that offers a reduced footprint and cost versus full cage models.
    • Chrome-plated, 7 gauge racking is offset from the frame posts with laser cut numbering.
    • Only 12 frame bolts for ease of setup and the ultimate in rigidity.
    • Integrated upright storage for up to four Olympic bars.
    • Bench docking system (for 3222 bench only) add on available.
    • Chrome-plated, fully welded plate storage available in three configuration options for optimal plate storage.
    • Sliding resistance band pegs are standard.



    The Ultimate in Strength and Rigidity
    The Pro Series Half Cage is built with 11 gauge three inch by three inch tubing for extra strength. The seven gauge, chrome-plated racking with laser-cut numbering holds up against whatever you can throw at it. Like most Legend Fitness items, the Pro Series Half Cage has been developed with three-dimensional CAD software to use as few fasteners as possible. This entire rack only has 12 bolts across four joints, reducing the possible points of weakness and maintenance.

    Beefed Up Safety
    The Pro Series line of racks and cages comes standard with Monster Hooks. These oversized, dual peg, fully welded bar catches feature a carry handle, number window, and extremely durable yet replaceable polymer contact surfaces. The extended reach profile of the Monster Hook increases safety without getting in the way. The polymer contact surface means there’s no metal-to-metal contact with the bar. This protects the knurling and means no rust, no paint chips, and more energy absorption. In other words, the part of the cage you interact with most has been engineered to be the best.

    The safety arms on our Pro Series lineup were designed to be extra so that when something slips, there’s no need to worry. They feature a three by two inch cross section and ABS wearguards as well as an internal, solid, one-inch racking rod. You can rest assured that if something is dropped, the Pro Series Half Cage safety arms will catch it securely.

    Plenty of Storage
    The Pro Series Half Cage comes standard with chrome-plated twelve-inch, Olympic-size plate storage pegs. They are slightly angled for safety so there’s no worrying about plates jostling loose due to vibrations. The standard plate storage peg arrangement is six on each side, but a five peg configuration is available. In addition to on-board plate storage, the Pro Series Half Cage has two frame-mounted, chrome-plated storage pegs that are perfect for resistance bands or chains. They are angled up to prevent slippage. Upright cylindrical storage mounted alongside the uprights at the back of the cage can hold up to four Olympic bars or some of the various optional Pro series accessories. 

    Extra Versatility
    The Pro Series Half Cage also has lower resistance pegs to allow for incorporating band exercises. The pegs slide, allowing them to be placed inside or outside the cage for extra versatility. At the top of the cage is a multi-grip pull-up bar, which allows users to perform wide, neutral, and close-grip pull-ups between lift sets.

    Bench Docking System
    The patented Pro Series Bench Docking System is available to help in securing the Pro Series Three-Way Self Adjusting Bench when lifting. This system is available for an additional cost, and only works with this specific Legend Fitness model bench. Due to the nature of production, this option must be purchased at time of order. For the Pro Series Half Cage, model 3226-DOCK is needed.

    Multiple Height Options
    The Pro Series Half Cage is available in the standard height (total height is a little over 103 inches), as well as two other height options. The 3226-6 is six inches shorter (total height is a little over 97 inches), to allow for shorter ceilings. The 3226-9 is a full 12 inches taller (total height is a little over 115 inches), for those who need just a little extra room.


    58.1 x 69.9 x 103.6 in.


    829 lbs.